Self-Assessment: Should you review this self-study resource?

Consider these questions to give yourself a general sense of how confident you are in the topics that will be addressed in this self-study resource.

Question Not at all confident Not very confident Somewhat confident Confident Very confident
How confident are you in explaining what a learning management system is?
How confident are you in knowing if you are using the best browser for Moodle?
How confident are you in navigating effectively around Moodle?
How confident are you in being able to complete your Moodle profile?
How confident are you in talking with others in a Moodle forum, including creating links and attaching files?
How confident are you in subscribing and unsubscribing to Moodle forums?

If overall you are not very confident in the topics mentioned, we recommend that you take the time to explore the information in this resource OR attend the face-to-face workshop, Moodle: Getting Around.

If overall you are "very confident" in the topics mentioned, you could be ready to attend our next in-person or online course,Moodle: Editing & Enhancing(which you can complete as a face-to-face workshop, online course, or self-study resource).

Last modified: Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 12:41 PM