Adding Links to Moodle Pages, Books, and Forum Posts

Sharing links in Moodle allows users to point others to different pages, either within the same Moodle course or externally on the web.

Best practice for sharing links involves hyperlinking rather than sharing a complete URL. Hyperlinking turns words into clickable text. There are many reasons why hyperlinking text is preferable to sharing URLs, including accessibility, readability, aesthetics, and more. Check out the examples below to see the difference between hyperlinked text and a URL:

Hyperlinked text (recommended) URL (not recommended)
For questions about Moodle, contact CTET Studio. For questions about Moodle, contact CTET Studio:

How to hyperlink (create clickable text)

You can add a hyperlink anywhere that you can write text in Moodle, such as a forum post, page, book, etc. To create clickable text, follow these steps:

  1. Write the words that you want to be clickable (e.g. the title of a news article you are sharing, etc.).
  2. With your cursor, highlight the words you want to be clickable.
  3. Click the link icon in the toolbar above the text box.
  4. Enter the complete URL (web address) that you wish to link to.
  5. Select the tick-box for "Open in new window" if your link goes somewhere outside of Moode
  6. Click "Create link".

Learn more & practice adding links

If you would like to learn more about how to add hyperlinks to text, check out this resources in the Knowledgebase or search for the keyword "links":

Learn more about accessibility and hyperlinking via Accessibility on the Web.

If you are ready to practice using Moodle forums and creating links, head over to the page Practice in a forum for instructions. 

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