How to Navigate the Toolkit

Navigating the Toolkit
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To use the Toolkit all you need is Internet access and Flash. You can choose to explore all units or just a few.

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    Our Toolkit is offered on Moodle, an open source platform used by over 35 million people around the world speaking over 78 languages in 225 countries. It is graciously hosted for Give Green Canada (G2) by Royal Roads University.

      The Toolkit displays in 3 columns:

      Centre Column: Toolkit content. Within each Unit are activities and resources.

      Left & Right Columns: Menu, Calendar, Glossary tips, Community Forum, etc.

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      There are a few options from which to choose when you're navigating through the Toolkit:

      1. Breadcrumb Trail

      The breadcrumb trail appears at the top left of your course page (located just under the Royal Roads logo and the words "Give Green Canada") allows you to identify where you are in a course at any time

      e.g. Give Green Canada » Resources » Navigation

      Click on a breadcrumb to return to that page or activity within your course

      2. Toolkit Menu

      The Menu can be found at the top left corner of the page.

      Click on any unit name to enter that unit.

      For example, to navigate to the section on Bequests, click on "Bequests".

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      Getting help

      If you find yourself stuck there are two immediate sources of help:

      First, hovering over most icons will produce a small pop-up text, called a tool-tip, that will give you a brief hint about what will happen if you click on the icon.

      Second, there are small, blue circles containing a question mark next to many of the controls. Clicking on them will open a new pop-up window that contains help relevant to your current situation.

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