Create and post a welcome video

A video introduction helps your students get to know you as their instructor, giving them visual and auditory clues about who you are and what you're a real person behind your computer! smile In a video introduction you can introduce yourself and share with them a little of your background and who you are as a person. You may also wish to include details about why you are interested in and passionate about the topic of the course.

Before you record your video, you may want to write a short script or bullet point notes of what you'd like to talk about in the video. Try not to read your script as you go along though. Focus on being as natural as possible and talk like you do in real life.

For this activity you should:

  1. create a welcome video that is under two minutes in length
  2. create a label in your sandbox course that will hold the video
  3. embed the video in the label in your course so that students can play the video right from the course page

If you would like more guidance or inspiration before you begin:

  • Read Principle #1 - Activity 2: Video Introductions (pp. 50-51) in the TEC-VARIETY book 
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