4. About this section

You will always be given a Moodle course "shell" with some existing resources and activities within it when you start working on a course at RRU. Even for brand new courses, you likely will never see a blank shell (i.e. a Moodle course with nothing in it) because your instructional designer and your learning technologist have worked together to put the information from your course outline (Word doc) into the course shell, and then given you access to the course in Moodle. So, learning how to edit existing items (resources or activities) in your Moodle course is important!

In this section, we focus on editing existing course items. Specifically, you will learn how to edit chapters in a book, move chapters around, add and delete sub-chapters, and hide and show chapters. You will also learn how to edit the name of a Moodle activity or resource, move Moodle activities and resources, duplicate Moodle activities and resources, create links, and hide and show Moodle activities and resources. 

There are six pages to read for this section, each of which includes practice tasks for you to complete in your sandbox:

For a handy checklist of all the practice tasks you should try and complete in your sandbox, refer to the course checklist.

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