Add a wiki activity

Ever heard of Wikipedia? Wikipedia is probably the best known wiki in the world, and it is contributed to by thousands (tens of thousands?) of people all over the world. On a smaller scale, you can choose to add a wiki activity to your course, and ask your students to collaborate together in building something inside the wiki. A wiki can have one page or more pages within it and it still shows up as one item within your course.

For this activity you should:

  1. add a wiki into your sandbox
  2. add some instructions to the description section of the wiki (i.e. the top part) - what are the students supposed to do when they add content to the wiki? how will they collaborate with each other and what will they build?
  3. practice editing within the wiki itself

If you would like more guidance or inspiration before you begin:

  • Consult the Knowledgebase article Moodle Wiki
  • Read Principle #7 - Activity 65: Product Brainstorming and Co-Creation (pp. 194-196)  and Principle #2 - Activity 13: Online Suggestion Box (pp. 76-77) in the TEC-VARIETY book
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