Add a glossary

The glossary activity in Moodle can be a resource co-created by all the students in the class, or it can be something that you build for your students in advance (and perhaps ask them to add to it during the course, if you wish). Two examples of ways to use the glossary are: 1) to define (or have students define) unfamiliar terms; and 2) as a help resource for students (e.g. providing answers to questions such as "How do I submit my assignments?").

For this activity you should:

  1. add a glossary activity to your sandbox
  2. add a description to the glossary so your students know what the glossary is all about, and what it's intended for
  3. add a few entries to the glossary

If you would like more guidance or inspiration before you begin:

  • Consult the article Moodle Glossary from the Knowledgebase. 
  • Read Principle #8 - Activity 72: Interactive Multimedia Glossaries (pp. 214-216) in the TEC-VARIETY book
Last modified: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 1:52 PM