Introduction: Who Are "Associate Faculty"?


Welcome to our Associate Faculty

We welcome and are grateful to our Associate Faculty for your integral contribution to RRU's mission of providing life changing experiences that enable professional and personal transformation. It is our faculty, both full-time (core) and associate, that bring the University's unique Learning, Teaching, and Research Model to life.

Who are “Associate Faculty”?

Associate Faculty are practitioners who are involved in professional, business, or other academic or non-academic activities outside the University and have achieved distinction or particular success; they bring their professional and practical experience, knowledge, and skills to the University and are engaged as independent contractors to develop and deliver curriculum as part of university programming.

Royal Roads University's mandate is to offer education in professional fields that is sensitive to labour market needs. The University has a unique structural design that allows it to be nimble and responsive to changing needs: it has a smaller base of full-time faculty members, often called core faculty, who are responsible for the overall design and delivery of our programs, and a larger number of Associate Faculty who carry out much of the teaching. As well, the role of Associate Faculty is aligned with the University's emphasis on a scholar-practitioner model and pedagogy informed by concurrent practice. Thus, the University's teaching and research programs benefit immeasurably from the expertise that Associate Faculty bring.

Associate Faculty are extensively supported through our Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies in preparing for teaching and having a course go live.

Please note that the title of "Associate Faculty" is distinct from "Associate Professor", which is a defined category under the RRU Faculty Collective Agreement and is reserved for RRU full-time, or core, faculty members.

"Associate Faculty" are also distinct from "Adjunct Faculty", which is a separate term appointment initiated by a School in special circumstances where an adjunct relationship creates new opportunities aligned with School goals.

Independent Contractors

Associate Faculty are engaged as independent contractors to provide specific services to the University in academic units or programs, including: course instruction, curriculum or course development, and supervision and assessment of theses, major papers, internships, projects, and other student activities. 

Though Associate Faculty are not employees of the University, we highly value having a strong, mutually supportive and mutually beneficial relationship.

As independent contractors, Associate Faculty enter into a "contract for services" with the university and, as such, have the status of being self-employed and are responsible for reporting their contractor income.

Engagement Opportunities

We welcome Associate Faculty to become involved in all aspects of University life: attending public events and presentations, engaging with faculty research, and joining campus communities.

You can find out about what is happening in the RRU community via Crossroads, our news and events hub.

Please find out more about becoming Associate Faculty.

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