Why become "Associate Faculty" at RRU?

Our Associate Faculty members are integral to RRU's educational model, as outlined in the Learning, Teaching, and Research Model.

We highly value the expertise you bring, and greatly appreciate your passion for teaching and learning, as we see demonstrated in the classroom.

What RRU offers you:

  • We provide on-going faculty development workshops and training opportunities for Associate Faculty, for whom fees are waived. Whether you are transitioning from industry to teaching, or whether you already have teaching experience, you will find they offer invaluable information and resources, as well as peer-exchange and networking opportunities.
  • Faculty receive substantial support from Instructional Designers and Learning Technologists to develop, update, revise, and mount a course to ensure that a course goes live successfully.
  • Our Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies provides a wealth of teaching resources as well as remote and in-person support via CTET Studio.
  • Our students are highly diverse, in age, backgrounds, and experience and provide a stimulating learning environment.
  • As a practitioner, you will find a rich academic environment to advance your own knowledge.
  • RRU's community of faculty, staff, and students is a highly motivated, dedicated community of people seeking to make a difference in the world.

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