Learning, Teaching, and Research Model

The Learning, Teaching, and Research Model (LTRM) is at the core of the teaching, learning, and research journey at RRU.

The LTRM expresses "how we work at RRU and connects to both what we learn, teach, and research (common threads running through our work, such as leadership, social innovation, and sustainability), and most importantly, why we work at RRU, to help to create LIFE.CHANGING learning experiences in service of positive social change."

The LTRM is distilled into 3 core categories of values or attributes of practice:


Please explore the LTRM through our LTRM Booklet

Understanding RRU's Learning, Teaching, and Research Model is fundamental to taking on a teaching or course development contract.

RRU's Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) provides services to the RRU community in support of curriculum and teaching excellence, including instructional support that aligns with the LTRM. The previous Learning and Teaching Model (LTM), provided the foundations for the current iteration of the LTRM.

CTET has also hosted a range of micro-sessions that support the LTRM. Please see:

For examples of how the LTRM comes alive in practice, please review Engaging Students in Life-Changing Learning.

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