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Professional Services Contract - Part 1

Part 1 of the contract identifies the type of contract and contract amount.

For Teaching contracts, compensation is based upon the number of students on the first day of class. When contracts are issued, the class size is only an estimate. The actual class size will likely change. The program office will issue confirmation of the final contract amount upon the first day of class, and send an updated schedule of the contract payment amounts.

Part 1 also identifies the deliverables and delivery deadlines, allowable expenses (if applicable), and invoicing dates.

For Teaching and Supervision contracts, Part 1 also specifies the Ethical Review requirements. Unless students will not be involved in activities involving human participants, you will need to demonstrate either that you have experience or training in ethical reviews in accordance with the University's research ethics requirements, or that you have taken the Tri-Council Course on Research Ethics.

Professional Services Contract - Part 2

Part 2 is linked from Part 1 of your electronic Professional Services Contract (and links are provided below). Please read through Part 2 carefully and fully understand the contents. It contains the following:

  • Terms and Conditions of Contract (including sections on Confidentiality, Intellectual Property Rights, Records Management, and Reports & Reviews)
  • Schedule A: Deliverables
  • Schedule B: University Responsibilities
  • Schedule C: Allowable Expenses (if applicable) - see travel information below.
  • Schedule D: Privacy Protection

Part 2 of the contract is specific to your Associate Faculty role:

Contractor Information Form

You will be asked to complete a Contractor Information Form prior to signing your contract, which provides the necessary information to the Finance Department to process your invoices.

Note: The section “Doing Business As” is to be completed if you are engaging in this contract with RRU through your business. All payments will then be made to this business name and invoices must be submitted with this business name.

Non-Resident Contractors

If you are a non-resident of Canada and a part of your work will be done in Canada, your contract is subject to a 15% withholding tax for the days worked in Canada, as per the Income Tax Act. However, as per the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines for Treaty-Based Waivers Involving Regulation 105 Withholding, a non-resident can apply for a waiver that may reduce or eliminate the 15% withholding tax, based on your personal circumstances. 

To complete the waiver application form, you will need the following Payer information:

  • Payer: Financial Services, Royal Roads University
  • Address: 2005 Sooke Rd., Victoria, BC V9B5Y2
  • Canadian Business Number: 89957 0063
  • Contact person: Finance Department
  • Tel number:  250-391-2600

CRA’s processing times for the waiver applications varies, so if you are planning to apply for a waiver, ensure you do so promptly after the contract is approved, at least 30 days before start of services in Canada or 30 days before first payment. The official waiver must be received by the Finance department before the first contract payment, otherwise the normal tax-withholding rules will apply. While CRA will send an approved waiver to Finance, please also submit your waiver copy to Finance, at, to ensure it is received in a timely fashion. To avoid paying the tax, Finance must receive a copy of the waiver prior to, or along with, the submission of your first invoice. 

Please also note that the waiver is contract specific, so if you enter another contract during the year, a new waiver would be required.

Copy of CV & Credentials

When signing your first contract, you will be asked to submit: 1) an up-to-date CV, and 2) a copy of your highest credential and/or professional designation. You will be asked to update your CV every two years.

Website Bio

We invite you to submit a Bio that will be posted to our Faculty Directory (which also posts to the individual School sites).

Travel Policy and Procedures

If your contract includes allowable expenses (which serves as the necessary pre-approval), please review Schedule C (Allowable Expenses) of your contract and familiarize yourself with the following:

Effective January 1, 2019:

  • Domestic per diem rates:

  • Breakfast - $14 per day
  • Lunch - $16 per day
  • Dinner - $30 per day

  • Incidentals: $10 per day.
  • Mileage rate: $ 0.54 per kilometre

International Travel

If your contract includes international travel, please make sure to avail yourself of the International SOS Global Assistance Program. Please review this information and direct any questions to Jessica Subin, Associate Director, Financial Services. 

Invoicing & Invoice template

You need to submit an invoice in order to receive payment. If your first invoice is due prior to first day of class, i.e. before the actual class size is determined, you will need to adjust your next invoice to include the difference.

Please submit your invoice to your program staff as per the contract billing dates.

Invoices must include:

  • Date of invoice;
  • Unique invoice number, i.e. unique number for each contract and each billing for each contract
  • Name and address of Contractor;
  • Contractor’s GST number (if applicable);
  • Contract number (an invoice must pertain to only one contract number; if payments are required against more than one contract, separate invoices must be submitted to the University);
  • Information about deliverable being paid, including course number and name;
  • Allowable expenses - itemized separately and converted to CAD if in a foreign currency (based on invoice date)
  • Total invoice amount in CAD, with GST if applicable.

For your convenience, you can use this invoice template: Excel (right-click on link to open in new tab) or form-fillable PDF

For reference, please see this invoice sample.

Please note that the Finance Department operates under a 30-day payment schedule upon receipt of invoices. Where a payment is issued to a non-Canadian bank account, currency conversion will be based on the exchange rate on the payment date. All invoices will be paid in CAD except for extenuating circumstances.

If you would like to have your payment direct deposited, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement and submit it either a) electronically, to the secure web address: OR in person to Financial Services, Hatley Castle Room 215.

Change of personal/business information

Please contact your program office as soon as possible should any personal or business information change, including: personal name/company name, address, GST # status (i.e. you have obtained a GST #), banking information, email, phone number. You will be asked to complete a new Contractor Information Form and/or Direct Deposit Authorization, and for a GST # number addition, a Contract Amendment will need to be signed.

Note: Finance will only pay invoices that match the contract information.

If your email changes, please also update your personal email address (at this link) with IT.

reporting contractor Income

T4A / T4A-NR slips for individual and incorporated contractors will be mailed to your home address, released annually by the last day of February. 

Associate Faculty are responsible for informing themselves regarding their self-employed/small business income (for individual contractors) or corporate income (for incorporated contractors) as per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

There may be financial benefits to being an independent contractor. We encourage you to investigate the possible tax advantages available to a self-employed person, including the business expenses you may be eligible to claim.

You may also want to contact your accountant/tax expert to advise you on the options for your circumstances.

Whom to Contact

For questions related to payment and a submitted invoice, please contact Finance via 

Please direct all other questions to your program staff contact.

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