RRU Account and Email

RRU account
You will receive an RRU account, which provides you with an RRU email and access to a variety of RRU network resources.

Please note that you have a "username" along with your RRU email. To log into RRU Office 365 applications (including Webmail), please use the format "username@royalroads.ca" plus your regular passphrase.

You have access to the RRU Library collections and services for the duration of your contract in support of your RRU contract deliverables exclusively. Access to the Library collections and services ends on the contract expiry date, unless another contract for services is set to begin within 60 days of the expiring contract.

RRU Email

Please see the CTET Temporary Knowledgebase - IT/Computer Services section where the links below don't work. 

With the creation of an RRU account, you will be given a RRU email address. We require that you use a strong passphrase, not a simple password. Your RRU passphrase must be unique to your RRU account and not used anywhere else.

As per Email Policy Guidelines, as an associate faculty or supervisory committee member, you must use your RRU email for:

  1. All communications with students. When corresponding with students, first contact should be made using a student’s RRU email; students can opt to use their personal or RRU email.
  2. For associate faculty members, all correspondence with parties external to RRU on matters that are part of your RRU contract. 
  3. For supervisory committee members, all correspondence on matters that are part of your thesis/dissertation supervisory responsibilities

Your RRU email is not to be used for any non-RRU business. 

We highly recommend that you use your RRU email when corresponding with RRU faculty and staff. 

These requirements are part of the Network Access and Email Policy implemented in 2019 to protect RRU's network infrastructure and to meet statutory and regulatory obligations to protect information in the care and custody of the university. As part of these requirements, the ability to auto-forward RRU email has been discontinued. Linking your Royal Roads email to an external email service (such as Outlook.com or Gmail) is also no longer permitted.

Please see Email Setup information to find out more about configuring your home email client and/or device, allowing your RRU email to be directly delivered to your device using that device's email client.

You can also access your RRU email via a browser using Webmail (see Webmail setup). You will need to use Webmail to set up an Out-of-Office message (under "Options").

Please remember to add the royalroads.ca to your Whitelist/Safe Sender list so that it does not get caught in a spam/junk filter.

email changes

Please go to these links to make the following changes as needed:

Personal email change:

  1. Update personal email address with IT
  2. Contact your program office to update your contractor information

Email password change:

Cyber Security
IT Services is continuously working to limit spam and to protect accounts from cyber attacks. All RRU account holders are asked to familiarize themselves with cyber security best practices.
Account Termination

You are able to keep your RRU account and email between contracts for as long as there is an intended relationship, i.e. the expectation of future contracts. Once the relationship ends, you will be notified that the account is scheduled to be closed. When the account closes, you will lose your RRU email and access to all content on RRU servers and systems.

RRU Knowledgebase

RRU's Knowledgebase is the first stop for troubleshooting email or other technical issues. You can also search the Knowledgebase for a range of IT-related information, e.g: computer account, email, how-to information for Moodle and other learning technologies used at RRU, and various how-to information for teaching and learning online, etc.

NOTE: The Knowledgebase is currently not available. Please see the CTET Temporary Knowledgebase for technical resources.

Last modified: Thursday, 15 December 2022, 11:11 AM