On-Campus Resources

Please see the section on On-Campus Teaching Resources for resources specific to teaching on campus.

In addition, please be aware of the following:


With a signed contract, you can get a RRU ID card that will be valid for the duration of your contract. You can obtain your RRU ID card at the Reception Desk (main lobby of the Learning & Innovation Centre).

When you are you working on campus, you can use your RRU ID card to borrow from the RRU Library’s physical collection and to access the Recreation Centre at discounted rates.

Food Services

Habitat Cafe is located in the Grant Building, 2nd floor. A staff and faculty  lounge is located directly next to Habitat Cafe, where you can eat and meet in a comfortable setting.

A Grab and Go Kiosk is located in the Sherman Jen Building.

Both cafeterias provide a 10% discount to staff, faculty, and associate faculty. 

Recreation Centre

You are welcome to avail yourself of the Recreation Centre. You will need a RRU ID card to receive discounted rates (equivalent to those received by staff and full-time faculty).

Campus Accommodations

The university will provide or cover the cost of accommodations for Associate Faculty who do not reside in the Capital Regional District and who need to come to campus for planning sessions, residency sessions, or on-campus debrief sessions. In instances when on-campus housing is not available, the university will make arrangements for off-campus accommodations.

On-campus accommodations is provided in houses with a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, living room, and laundry facilities.The university will make every effort to provide independent accommodations; however, during peak times, Associate Faculty may be provided with shared accommodations, which consists of an independent bedroom and otherwise shared common spaces.

Program areas submit accommodation requests on behalf of Associate Faculty members. A confirmation will be shared once the reservation has been confirmed. 

During business hours, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm, check-in/out services are provided via the Guest Services Desk, located on the main floor of the Learning & Innovation Centre. After business hours, check-in services are provided by Campus Security located in the Millward building.

See campus map.

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