Program and Course Design

RRU programs are developed comprehensibly, each guided by a set of clearly articulated program learning outcomes that are integrated and assessed across all its courses.

With support from staff members in the Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET), the Learning Design Process guides course design and development practices to ensure alignment of appropriate learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessment strategies.

Course outlines are approved by the Curriculum Commitee

Once approved by Curriculum Committee:

  • Part A of the course outline contains the sections that may not change between course offerings without Curriculum Committee review.

  •  Part B of the course outline contains sections that may change between course offerings, at the discretion of the instructors and with explicit approval of the person designated by the faculty dean as being responsible for oversight of the program and/or for the quality of the program , but without Curriculum Committee review.

The "program head", usually a full-time, or core, faculty member, is responsible for the oversight and academic integrity of the program. The program head is usually the person that an Associate Faculty member is hired by and reports to, and is the first point of contact for all academic-related questions and concerns.

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