Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET)

The Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET) provides an unparalleled level of teaching support - it is one of the key ingredients to making RRU's teaching and learning environment so unique. Faculty are supported every step of the way when it comes to developing, updating, revising, and mounting a course.

RRU relies heavily on scholar-practitioners, i.e. faculty who come to RRU with extensive professional expertise and perhaps limited experience as educators. CTET provides the training, knowledge, resources, and coaching to ensure that faculty are enabled to teach what they came to teach.

CTET will also take responsibility for time consuming technical aspects, e.g linking and formatting, so that faculty can spend their time on content.

It is the collaboration between CTET and faculty that enables RRU to deliver powerful learning experiences.

Key Orientation Links

New Faculty Orientation: This is the Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET) orientation checklist for new faculty. It guides you to essential CTET resources.

Teaching & Course Design @ RRU: This is a self-paced 'course' in Moodle, RRU's Learning Management System, with the most important information and resources to help you become familiar with the process of teaching and course design in a Moodle space.

CTET Studio is the first stop for all faculty support needs. If you don't know where to start, start with contacting Studio.

Teaching Resources specific to RRU instructors; teaching information hub; open educational resources; teaching online. 

Instructional Designers & Learning Technologists

CTET provides program liaisons - an instructional designer (ID) and a learning technologist (LT) - who will support you and your course, depending on a Service Level. You will work with an ID and LT for a Service Level 2 or 3 course, and typically only a LT for a Service Level 1 course. Please make contact with your assigned (based on School) program liaison at the earliest opportunity. Your liaison’s name can be found on the Tasks Timeline page in your Moodle course shell.

  • Instructional Designers (IDs) work with faculty to design effective learning experiences, which includes: sound pedagogical practices; the alignment of learning outcomes, assessments, and learning activities; and the appropriate use of educational technologies.
  • Learning Technologists (LTs) and the Course Co-ordinator work together to prepare courses to "go-live"; they provide technical quality assurance for Moodle through learner experience reviews of each course.
Faculty Development & Training
See more about CTET's extensive faculty development and training opportunities.

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