Faculty Development & Training

Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET)

Fees for CTET workshops are waived for all Associate Faculty. A contract does not need to be in place to access workshops free of charge - as soon as you know that you will be teaching a course, you can sign up for a workshop.

CTET offers a number of on-going and ad hoc faculty development opportunities that will help you deliver your course:

See the workshop calendar for upcoming opportunities.

CTET also runs occasional micro-sessions. Please see:

Recognizing the diversity of RRU classrooms, CTET is developing offerings to support intercultural learning and teaching, including: Intercultural Foundations of Education.

Check out the Teaching with Moodle page for further Moodle-specific information and resources.

If you are interested in seeing how faculty members are exploring learning technologies, see the Teaching with Technology Showcase:

New Associate Faculty members will be asked to take one pedagogically-oriented course for face-to-face (Instructional Skills Workshop) or online (Facilitating Learning Online - Fundamentals) instruction, and one Moodle course (self-paced, classroom, or online) to introduce them to our learning platform.

We strongly encourage that all Associate Faculty continue to develop and refresh their skills.

Please contact CTET Studio for more information on all CTET offerings.

Professional and Continuing Studies

RRU's Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) also offers various learning opportunities.

Associate Faculty receive a 10% discount on most courses. Please contact Continuing.Studies@royalroads.ca for more information.


BCcampus also offers faculty development support, including:

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