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RRU Library staff look forward to helping you with find resources for your courses and access resources to help you supervise major projects and theses. RRU Library has a relatively small physical collection of print books, journals, and DVDs. It also has a substantial online collection, and you are encouraged to link to our online collections as course resources whenever possible to avoid unnecessary costs for students and ensure that cost is minimized as a barrier to learning.

With your RRU ID card, which also serves as your library card, you can borrow items such as books, journals and DVDs from the Library's physical collection. With your RRU ID card, you can also get library cards to borrow books for other post-secondary institutions in BC and Canada

Your RRU computer account will allow you to access the Library's online collections of research databases, e-books, and e-journals. To help you and your students navigate these resources, the Library has numerous guides on planning and doing academic work: Check out the  Resource Guides page.

RRU Library access ends on the contract expiry date, unless another contract for services is set to begin within 60 days of the expiring contract.


The RRU Bookstore is part of the RRU Library. The Bookstore is a textbook service and sales are done over the counter in-person or online with fulfillment by mail. 

Bookstore staff can help you source textbooks. Textbook orders must be submitted to program staff a minimum of 8 weeks before the course start date, and possibly earlier depending on the learner need date. 

Copyright Office

The Copyright Office is physically and organizationally part of the RRU Library.

Copyright Office staff review readings and resources used in Royal Roads University courses to ensure that the use of these materials complies with Canadian copyright law.

Please refer to their Copyright Guides for details on copyright and procedures for course readings and resources.

All readings and resources relating to a course are to be placed in the appropriate ‘Readings’ section in Moodle, where they are accessed by the Copyright Office staff to obtain permissions and/or transactional clearances for distribution.

Reading lists need to be uploaded 6-8 weeks before the course start date to guarantee copyright approvals to support the course.

This Teaching & Course Design @RRU resource on Copyright Best Practices may be helpful in further understanding copyright requirements.

Writing Centre
The Writing Centre is part of the Library. 

The Writing Centre helps students achieve excellence in their academic writing. Students can receive assistance face-to-face, by phone, and online at all stages of writing through one-on-one support and online resources. Services do not include proofreading or editing; instead, the Writing Centre helps students build skills and confidence by empowering their development as writers. Since one outcome of all RRU’s programs is to graduate students who are proficient writers, the Writing Centre’s role is to promote the deep learning that will help students gain as many writing skills as possible.

See Library and Writing Centre guides.

The Writing Centre is not only a resource to students. It offers Instructor resources , including:

Office of Research Ethics

The Office of Research Ethics provides guidance on what research and scholarship requires an ethical review and facilitates the ethical review process.

Research involving humans requires an ethical review. At RRU, for certain class assignments and for most research being conducted by students and faculty alike, an ethical review is mandatory.

Please review this brief Ethics overview.

Team Coaching
RRU's Team Coaching department provides skilled team coaches to support faculty and students in team-based learning, one of the components of RRU's Learning, Teaching, and Research Model.

Faculty will find resources to assist with:

  • designing team assignments and assessments,
  • developing and maintaining healthy teams, and
  • supporting online teamwork and multicultural teamwork.
Each program has a different level of service and integration for this support. Find out from your Program Head who your team coach is and what support you can expect from this service.

You can contact Team coaching services directly at:

The Teaching & Course Design @RRU module on Team-Based Learning  may also be a helpful resource.

Student Health & Wellness

RRU's Student Services provides extensive health and wellness support for students. See:

If you have any concerns regarding a student, academically or more personally, always bring this to the attention of your Program Head and program staff.

For non-academic matters you can also contact the CARE Team, a cross-functional team that assesses, refers and/or responds to students who have been identified as demonstrating emotional distress or exhibiting behaviour of concern. 

Emergency/Crisis situation

  • To request immediate support contact Campus Security (250-391-2525), who will contact the on-call CARE Team member. 
  • In serious medical emergencies or imminent danger, 911 and Campus Security (250-391-2525) should always be contacted first.

  • Background information: 
    Other Student Support Services

    Please visit the Student Services website for available resources. There is a wealth of support available to students, including:

    There are also specific resources for:

    If a student inquires about additional ways to get involved with other members of the RRU community, you can direct them to the resources at Student Life.  

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