Policies and Procedures

Please review and familiarize yourselves with the following information and resources to ensure that you are following University policies and procedures, including academic regulations. The policies listed below are a subset of RRU Policies and Procedures that are most relevant to Associate Faculty.


Academic Regulations (PDF version): These Academic Regulations are overarching for the whole University. Please be advised that each School and/or Program will have specific academic regulations and procedures.

Academic Integrity & Misconduct Policy for Faculty and Staff
Academic Integrity & Misconduct Procedures for Faculty and Staff
Academic Integrity & Misconduct Policy for Students
Academic Integrity & Misconduct Procedures for Students
Accessibility for Students with Disabilities
Fair Dealing Policy
Policy Precluding the Direct Sale of Course Material


health & safety
RRU Brand/Photo/Video/Audio Use

As per RRU's Model Photo/Video/Audio Release Agreement Form, RRU is the owner of photos, videos, and audio and, as per the release, is authorized to use this content for marketing and fundraising purposes through official RRU channels only.

Associate Faculty may not use any RRU photo, video, or audio content without the express permission of the University.

For permission to use RRU brand and copyrighted images, videos, and audio, please contact creative.services@royalroads.ca.

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