Teaching & Course Design @RRU

Teaching & Course Design @RRU is a self-study resource that has been designed to support new full-time and associate faculty as they prepare to teach at Royal Roads. The resource provides an extensive overview of how courses are designed and taught using the RRU Learning, Teaching, and Research Model.

The resource includes four sections:

  1. Introduction: This unit includes welcome and introductory information about teaching and course design at RRU, including links to extended reading and resources.
  2. Teaching Guide: Includes extensive information to help inform you and support you in your teaching, including resources that touch on topics such as the modes of delivery for learning at RRU, supporting student learning using technology, and getting and providing feedback.
  3. Course Design: Provides an overview of the process of how courses are designed and developed in preparation for delivery. In this section, you will learn about who supports you in this process, to what extent, and based on what timeline.
  4. Faculty Voices: Includes four series of videos, each exploring a different theme related to teaching and course design. Each video features a member of RRU faculty sharing their experiences and reflection on the theme or a specific question.

All associate faculty are encouraged to make use of Teaching & Course Design @RRU and to consider it a resource that they can refer back to over the course of their teaching at RRU.

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 September 2022, 6:37 PM