Service Levels, Course Revision & Development

Associate Faculty may be hired to develop a brand new course, or as part of a teaching contract, they may be asked to make minor or more substantive revisions to an existing course as part of the preparatory work before the course goes live.

Please speak with your Program Head to be clear on what course revisions are expected. Part A of the Course Outline, including Course Description and Learning Outcomes, may not change. Part B, including the Course Overview, Assessment Matrix, Assignments, and Course Readings and Resources may change, but needs to be discussed with the Program Head. Also refer to the "Tasks Timeline" page in your Moodle course shell for course revision information.

Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET)

CTET provides guidelines and resources to support all levels of preparing a course.


Service Levels, i.e. is your course a Service Level 1, 2, or 3 and what does that mean? Service Levels indicate the amount of support provided by CTET. Service levels have strict timelines associated with them - please make sure you know the time frames you are working with.

Service Levels 1 & 2 - Course Revision

  • Service Level 1: These are courses that are 'rolled over' from a previous offering and require minimal change or updating, e.g. calendar dates, readings. They involve the support of a CTET learning technologist for technical review of the course.
  • Service Level 2: These are courses that have been offered before, but a) they require some modifying, with the assistance of both a CTET instructional designer, to support learning design work, and learning technologist, and/or b) there is a new instructor for the course. A course revision contract may need to be considered, depending on the amount of work required - this would need to be discussed with your Program Head at the outset. Your teaching contract automatically includes 10% for course prep work.
  • If you are a new instructor, please ensure, in discussion with your Program Head, that your course is assigned a Service Level 2.

Service Level 3 - Course Design and Development

  • Service Level 3: These are new courses or courses that need significant redesign or redevelopment and involve significant work with both a CTET instructional designer and learning technologist. A course development contract typically involves a Service Level 3 course.
  • Learning design process: i.e. the process that all new courses, or courses undergoing major redevelopment, go through from initiation through implementation and evaluation. These phases include the following steps, each detailed on the learning design pages:

Roles in course development, i.e. who is involved in the process? If you are teaching an existing course, the course Service Level designation will determine whom you are working with in CTET to support the course going live. Each program has specific CTET program liaisons (instructional designer and learning technologist). Whether you are teaching a Service Level 1, 2, or 3 course, please contact your instructional designer and learning technologist at the earliest opportunity.

CTET Course Checklist: for review, to ensure that all course preparations are complete prior to the course going to Technical Review.


Moodle is the learning management system used to deliver courses at RRU.

To assist in your course preparations, please refer to Teaching with Moodle.

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