On-Campus Teaching Resources

Associate Faculty Drop-In Spaces

Associate Faculty Office Space - Millward Annex 107 (moved from Grant 136 in October 2019)

Associate Faculty have office space in Millward Annex 107. It is furnished with 7 workstations complete with networked computers, a kitchenette with fridge, a washroom beside the space, and a printer.

If you would like to have access to this room, please go to Security (ground floor of the Millward building, directly across the road from the Annex) - a Security Officer will open the door for you. We are working on another system of access.

Please note, the Annex is currently not wheelchair accessible. Please contact facultyaffairs@royalroads.ca if that poses a problem for you.

Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC) - Drop in space for residencies

During residencies, programs use LIC 218 and LIC 318 as organizational hubs. These rooms have workstations that may be available to Associate Faculty to use during residency. Please speak with your program office about their availability for your use.

RRU Library

The RRU Library offers both a computer lab and individual work stations available during library hours.

Computer Labs

RRU has several computer labs that are provided for classes and for drop in use when not booked for classes.

Sherman Jen Building - Work Stations

The new Sherman Jen building has 3 work stations next to the kitchen area on the main (2nd) floor, as well as 2 "Brody units", i.e. modular workstations for laptop use, located by the Cafe on the lower floor. These are open workstations available for anyone's use.

CTET Studio - LIC 004

CTET Studio has 4 drop-in workspaces, including 1 Mac, 1 with double monitors, and a standing desk.

Grant Lounge

Associate Faculty are also welcome to use the Grant Lounge (2nd floor, next to the cafeteria) as a place to sit and meet casually.

Classrooms / Labs / Breakout Rooms

See our campus learning spaces page for information on our classroom, breakout room, and lab spaces.

You can book breakout rooms for a maximum of 2 hours using our Event Management System (EMS). The email confirmation is proof of your reservation.

Classroom AV Equipment

Please contact your Program staff to receive an orientation to classroom audio-visual equipment.

You can contact Multimedia Services directly for assistance:

  • Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm
  • Office located in Millward Building, 3rd floor
  • AV Helpline (on-campus): local 8525
  • Multimedia Website
Teaching Supplies

Certain teaching supplies are provided by the program office (flip chart paper, markers, post-its, etc.). Please speak to your program staff if you have special needs re: supplies.

You can print from all computers in the Associate Faculty office, Grant 136, and during residency in the Learning & Innovation Centre, from the LIC drop-in spaces: LIC 218 and LIC 318.

You can access a photocopier through your program office.

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