Assessment & Grading

Assessment and Grading are often considered one of the more challenging aspects of teaching.

Following are institutional guidelines and resources to assist you.

Grading Policies and Procedures

As part of its Academic Regulations, RRU provides a Grading policy as well as a Grade Appeal process.

Contact your program office for program-specific assignment and grading guidelines.

An instructor has 10 business days to submit final grades. Where an Extension Granted (EG) grade has been assigned and not cleared by contract end, please discuss with your Program Head how the final grading will be handled.

Grades are hidden from the students until course evaluations are completed.

Extension Granted (EG) and Incomplete (INC) Grades

An instructor is asked to discuss potential Incomplete (INC) and Extension Granted (EG) grades with the Program Head BEFORE they submit their grades.

Extension Granted: A student may be granted an extension for completion of the requirements of a course due to unanticipated and/or extenuating circumstances. This is a temporary grade and must be accompanied by an extension deadline date. The new deadline date must be forwarded by the School Director (or faculty designate) to the Registrar's Office. Failure by the student to complete the requirements of the course by the deadline will result in a grade of F.

Incomplete: INC is a temporary grade that is assigned when the required course work has not been completed by the course end date or to the satisfaction of the instructor. This is used only when a student's performance has been satisfactory and successful completion of the remaining assignments or final examination would enable the student to pass. A maximum grade achievable on completion of the requirements is a "D" for undergraduate and a "B-" for graduate courses. To cover additional grading costs, students will be assessed a fee in accordance with the University's approved ancillary fees. If the outstanding course work is not completed satisfactorily within 20 working days of the course end date, a student will automatically receive a grade of F.

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