Directed Study

Directed Study: Doctor of Social Science (DSocSci)

The Directed Study in the DSocSci program is essential preparation for the student’s comprehensive exams, which need to reflect the student’s advanced and complex understanding and analysis of theoretical, methodological and substantive issues related to the dissertation. The Directed Study is co-designed by the student and the selected instructor/supervisor to advance knowledge of a specific applied social inquiry area.

Directed Study: MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)

The MAIS Directed Study option enables students to design and implement a personal course of study relevant to their specific needs and interests. A faculty instructor/supervisor, selected by the student and approved by the program, will work with the student to select the topic, draft a course of study agreement, and develop a course outline, subject to approval. With guidance from the program head, the role of the instructor/supervisor is to facilitate the student's self-exploration.

Other Directed Study Options

Directed Study may be an option provided by a program head in other programs under certain conditions. The selected instructor/supervisor will receive instruction from the program head in terms of expectations for the Directed Study.

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