Indigenous Related Teaching Resources

The following resources are offered to support decolonization efforts and intercultural understanding with respect to Indigenous peoples.

RRU Resources
  • Acknowledging First Nations Lands (pdf)
    A resource to provide an understanding of the importance of acknowledging traditional First Nations lands, as well as suggestions for how to incorporate an acknowledgment into any gathering of people. 
  • Four Feathers Writing Guide
    The Four Feathers Writing Guide respectfully presents traditional Coast Salish teachings and approaches to learning to support Indigenous students develop as academic writers.
    Heron People
    Members of the Royal Roads University Heron People are available to support faculty, staff, and students throughout the year. This includes the opportunity to have an Indigenous elder visit your classroom.

External Resources
    Kinàmàgawin: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom (pdf)
    A resource guide meant to accompany the "Kinàmàgawin: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom" documentary film that examines the difficulties experienced when discussing Aboriginal issues in postsecondary classrooms.
  • San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training
    A facilitated online training program designed to enhance self-awareness and strengthen the skills of those who work both directly and indirectly with Indigenous people (designed for health authorities).
  • Traditional First Nations Values (pdf)
    A paper written by Floy Pepper and Bill White (1996) for educators to become knowledgeable about First Nations values and where possible incorporate these elements into their activities.
  • Native Land
    Interactive mapping website that outlines historical and present day Indigenous territories in North America and beyond. Searchable by address.

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