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1. BCcampus
"At BCcampus, we support the adaptation and evolution of teaching and learning practices in post-secondary institutions across British Columbia through collaboration, communication, and innovation."

2. Riipen: A Project-Based Work Integrated Learning Platform

"Riipen is a technology platform that facilitates experiential learning opportunities. With Riipen, you can easily connect assignments or educator-designed competitions to businesses and non-profits that have real time projects for your students to work on.”  Learn more via: Educator’s FAQ Sheet and Onboarding Video.

RRU has an account with Riipen, which allows all educators who sign up with RRU to access the Riipen platform.

How to sign up:

Next steps:

    1. Post a "course" or internship describing what projects you need
    2. Get (and send) requests to collaborate with local or remote companies
    3. Invite your students onto the platform to interact with employers
    4. Oversee, track and report on student progress.

See Help Centre for step-by-step instructions how to use the platform. 

For example, see:

    • How do I create a course? Course pages are created by educators to describe the activity their students will work on. A Course page is used to advertise the types of projects or internships an educator is looking for and is posted in the Course Library. See What is a course?
    • How do I find new projects for my course? Employers looking to collaborate with students create a Project describing their business need for students and post these in the Project Library.

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