Unit 1: Welcome to RRU

RRU Faculty


We value both our core and associate faculty and want to do all we can to help you be successful!

Royal Roads University (RRU) relies on faculty with professional experience, and in most cases that experience is in a field other than education. Therefore, we want to do our best to support you in your work for RRU. The resources presented here, along with conversations you will have with program staff, other faculty, and other units such as the Library and Student Services, may be enough for some of you. Others will want to know more and become more involved. All faculty, core and associate, are invited to a range of workshops, training and information sessions at no charge. Some of you may appreciate participating in a Community of Practice to share expertise, questions and interests with other faculty. Staff in your school (School Director, Program Head, Program Staff) and at the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (contact CTET Studio) can help you find your way. Be sure that you stay in touch with them!

Three short videos to help you know what is important to us and what we try to do:

Welcome aboard!you're hired

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