Unit 2: Teaching Guide Overview

This brief guide will not teach you everything that you might learn in a teacher education or teaching certificate program, but it offers you a solid foundation that you can build on. You'll begin to learn "who's who in the zoo" and you'll become familiar with resources that you can return to as you need a deeper knowledge in specific areas.

Each program or school has a culture and a way of approaching things that may, in some cases, be different from what other programs and schools do, so it is important that you develop a good working relationship and comfortable communication channels with them. While this resource provides sound advice and information, you'll see many instances where it reminds you to check with your program.

All instructors have a role in updating courses to reflect assignment due dates, instructor contact information, a few new resources, etc., and many instructors are also hired to design a new course or make major revisions to an existing course. To learn about these responsibilities, review the Course Design section.

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