Unit 2: Using Moodle and Other Technologies

Technology can expand your repertoire of learning activities


Even a face-to-face course can make excellent use of technology both during class time and between classes. Beyond projecting information and showing videos, there are more ways to use technology in the classroom. Moodle can be used to extend discussions, post additional resources (e.g. PowerPoint slides), offer self-quizzes, collect assignments, and much more. Check the Cloud-based Learning Tools Notification information on the Knowledgebase.

Learn how other instructors use several Moodle tools:

  • Choice - to think about prior knowledge, assess understanding, encourage participation, select seminar readings
  • Forums - to extend discussion beyond class sessions, prepare for the next class, to send news and announcements
  • Quiz - to allow students to use self-quizzes to check their understanding, practice for test
  • Wiki - to brainstorm, manage team projects, share student lecture notes
Explore the Moodle to the Max Project page to learn about Moodle tools that will help you become innovative in your practice. Moodle to the Max was a year-long project by the Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET) where we featured and promoted one Moodle activity every two months, from April 2018 to February 2019. Watch videos, experience different Moodle tools, read ideas from instructional designers about how the tools can be used for teaching and learning, and share your own ideas and questions.

Think about your classroom time - do you have enough time to get everything done? Are there better uses of your face-to-face time? There are ways you can use Moodle and other technologies to enhance and support your classroom time. There may be things students can do outside the classroom that will help make the most of your time together.

These flipped classroom links might give you some ideas:

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