Unit 3: Course Design Overview

Course design is often an exciting and invigorating process; there is lots of room for creativity! It is also a bit of a problem-solving or engineering process as there are standards and protocols in place. How do we design a highly and engaging course that will offer students an outstanding learning experience, and reflects the Royal Roads Learning and Teaching Model?

You will have the support of faculty and staff in your program as well as that of staff at the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) who will work with you. How much support they provide depends, in part, on the Service Level (SL) that has been assigned to the course. In general:


  • CTET Instructional Designers* and/or Learning Technologists* work with instructors on course design and development, Program Heads/Intellectual Leads* often take an active role in this process or at least provide high-level guidance.
  • Each course site contains a page called Task Timeline. This page contains information and direction on several important things for you to consider. It includes a list of tasks and due dates. You can usually find the task timeline at the top of your course page (it will be greyed out and hidden to students).
  • If your course requires the use of supplementary web tools, discuss this with your Program Head and with CTET staff. You may need to check the Cloud-Based Learning Tools information.

* For more about what each role does, talk to your program and explore the Roles in Course Development page on the CTET website.

Ask your program what Service Level (SL) your course has been assigned and talk to them about their expectations for the course and your role in development. They may discuss the student feedback from the last time the course ran and provide you with a "Course Compile" so that you can familiarize yourself with the course material.

Course design requires a basic understanding of teaching and learning. You should at least skim parts of the Teaching Guide section as you work to design or revise a course.

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