Royal Roads faculty are a generous bunch. Seek them out and ask them what they do to ensure a great first week of a course. Ask them about how they establish and maintain instructor presence. Find out what didn't work for them and how they changed it.

Below are several short videos contributed by online instructors several years ago - they are still good AND most of what they say is extremely relevant to face-to-face teaching, as well. Grab a snack or something to sip on and watch a few. Come back later and watch a few more.

Introductions and making expectations clear - Mike Thompson (1:24)
Getting to know each other - Jen Walinga (:34)
Instructor Presence: not too much, not too little - Doug Hamilton (1:28)
Managing forum posts and learning from each other - Jen Walinga (1:18)
Managing work, time and expectations - Doug Hamilton (3:53)

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