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Invoicing & Invoice template

You need to submit an invoice in order to receive payment. If your first invoice is due prior to first day of class, i.e. before the actual class size is determined, you will need to adjust your next invoice to include the difference.

Please submit your invoice to your program staff as per the contract billing dates.

Invoices must include:

  • Date of invoice;
  • Unique invoice number, i.e. unique number for each contract and each billing for each contract
  • Name and address of Contractor;
  • Contractor’s GST number (if applicable);
  • Contract number (an invoice must pertain to only one contract number; if payments are required against more than one contract, separate invoices must be submitted to the University);
  • Information about deliverable being paid, including course number and name;
  • Allowable expenses - itemized separately and converted to CAD if in a foreign currency (based on invoice date)
  • Total invoice amount in CAD, with GST if applicable.

For your convenience, you can use this invoice template: Excel (right-click on link to open in new tab) or form-fillable PDF

For reference, please see this invoice sample.

Please note that the Finance Department operates under a 30-day payment schedule upon receipt of invoices. Where a payment is issued to a non-Canadian bank account, currency conversion will be based on the exchange rate on the payment date. All invoices will be paid in CAD except for extenuating circumstances.

If you would like to have your payment direct deposited, please contact your program admin contact to complete the Supplier Information Form and submit it to the secure website:

Change of personal/business information

Please contact your program office as soon as possible should any personal or business information change, including: personal name/company name, address, GST # status (i.e. you have obtained a GST #), banking information, email, phone number. You will be asked to complete a new Supplier Information Form, and for a GST # number addition, a Contract Amendment will need to be signed.

Note: Finance will only pay invoices that match the contract information.

If your email changes, please also update your personal email address (at this link) with IT.

reporting contractor Income

T4A / T4A-NR (non-resident) slips for individual and incorporated contractors will be mailed to your home address, released annually by the last day of February. Please ensure that your home address is up-to-date.

Associate faculty are responsible for informing themselves regarding their self-employed/small business income (for individual contractors) or corporate income (for incorporated contractors) as per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Non-resident contractors are responsible for informing themselves about their tax situation.

There may be financial benefits to being an independent contractor. We encourage you to investigate the possible tax advantages available to a self-employed person, including the business expenses you may be eligible to claim.

You may also want to contact your accountant/tax expert to advise you on the options for your circumstances.

Whom to Contact

For questions related to payment and a submitted invoice, please contact Finance via 

Please direct all other questions to your program staff contact.

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