Health & Safety Overview

Royal Roads University is committed to providing an environment on campus that allows workers, learners, and guests to carry out onsite activities in a safe and healthy manner.

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RRU has an active OH&S Committee consisting of a cross-section of the University population. The Committee meets regularly to review health and safety matters, develop recommendations for program improvements, and to respond to employee health and safety concerns that have been raised.

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Each facility on campus has a muster station and evacuation procedure to be followed in the event of an emergency. In the event of a fire, an alarm will sound notifying all occupants to evacuate the building following these evacuation procedures. If you witness a fire developing, pull the closest fire alarm and call 9-1-1. Familiarize yourself with the Fire Warden for your area, and ensure you know where the emergency exits are located. If you require special assistance during evacuation; you must ensure your Fire Warden is aware of the nature of your special needs. RRU participates in fire drills, annually. 

Please contact your program staff to identify a Fire Warden in your area.

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Earthquakes are very serious emergencies that have potential to occur in our region. In the event of an earthquake, do not pull the fire alarm, DROP, COVER & HOLD ON. Please be aware that RRU does not provide earthquake kits at this time. It is recommended to have some extra clothing, snacks, sturdy shoes, essential medications, and water in your desk in case you cannot leave the campus for an extended period of time. RRU participates in the Great BC Shake-Out, annually. For more information on earthquakes, visit:

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Work-related injuries must be reported to your academic contact/supervisor immediately. Upon being informed of an accident or injury, the academic contact/supervisor is then required to complete an Accident Investigation. You must seek first aid treatment for all work related injuries. 

The First Aid room is located in Building 7B, and a First Aid attendant can be summoned by contacting Security at 391-2525. Those with special health or medical conditions are advised to notify the First Aid attendant so special assistance can be offered when required.

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Every worker at RRU has the right to refuse to perform any unsafe work activity or use any unsafe substance in the course of his or her duties. Anyone who wishes to exercise this right of refusal is referred to the WCB OHS&E reg. 3.12 for the correct procedure to follow.

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RRU strives toward providing an ergonomically safe worksite for all workers, including classrooms. If you find a classroom space is not properly set up or equipped in order to prevent musculoskeletal injuries (MSI’s), please advise your academic contact/supervisor so that corrective measures may be taken.

Please keep in mind that there are trained staff with the tools available to lift and maneuver heavy items, contact Production Services if you require assistance.

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RRU will provide required personal protective equipment (i.e. safety glasses, hard hats, etc.) if it is required to fulfill your work responsibilities, and it is your responsibility to wear all required safety equipment, as directed. All personal protective equipment must be inspected daily before usage and you should report any malfunction to their supervisor.

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Smoking is not permitted inside any RRU facility or vehicle. Individuals are advised not to smoke in close proximity to any of the buildings, as second hand smoke can penetrate through open windows or air vents. There are designated smoking areas on campus that include designated cannabis smoking areas. Please review the Campus Smoking Policy for more information.

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Only those persons who are authorized may use RRU vehicles in the course of their work responsibilities. Each operator must have a valid BC Driver’s License for the class of vehicle to be operated. Use of the vehicle is for the purposes of RRU business only. Operation of golf carts will only be permitted for those who have a specific need and who have been trained and certified in their safe operation by RRU. For more information, please view the Golf Cart Policy.

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Our campus consists of a large tract of land that is essentially a wilderness environment. On occasion, cougars or bears have been spotted. The campus community will be alerted via e-mail and advisory signs will be posted whenever there have been sightings, however, everyone must be constantly aware and alert to avoid coming in contact with these wild animals. If you do see a potentially dangerous animal, immediately advise security at 391-2525.

Should you encounter any accident or unsafe working condition, it should be reported to your academic contact/supervisor immediately. All hazards reported will be reviewed by the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee and corrective actions, recommendations and improvements will be made. 

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you have any health and safety questions that this activity is unable to answer, please contact our academic contact/supervisor.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 10:26 AM