Sample Securities gift acceptance policy

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Sample Gift Acceptance Policy- Template

(Replace your group's name wherever you see "Organization")

Gifts of Publicly-Traded (Listed) Securities (including mutual funds)

(Organization) accepts publicly-traded securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds listed on approved stock exchanges. These securities are accepted provided they will not subject (Organization) to penalties.

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In most instances donated securities would be sold immediately upon receipt. In special circumstances the Board of Directors may decide to hold donated securities. In such cases the Board may elect to develop ethical screens for the portfolio holdings.

A donation receipt is issued for the fair market value of any securities donated. Fair market value is the closing price on the day the shares are received electronically by (Organization), or in the case of certificates, the day they are physically received by an agent of (Organization) .

Any fees incurred by the donor (agent's fees, commissions) will be the responsibility of the donor. (Organization) will be responsible for any fees applied following the gift transaction.

Gifts of Private Corporation (Non-listed) Securities

For offers of over-the-counter shares or shares in Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs), the Board of Directors will seek professional advice regarding the valuation, possible restrictions, and liquidity of such shares prior to acceptance.

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