A comprehensive resource: "Planned Giving for Canadians" by Frank Minton

left, Frank Minton right, Gary Pforzheimer
Frank Minton, gift planner and mountain climber (Left)
with Gary Pforzheimer

One of the most trusted sources of information for gift planners is Frank Minton's book "Planned Giving for Canadians". In the latest edition (August 2011), here is a list of the contents of Chapter 3, Endowments, with the relevant page number. This book is widely available in public libraries and is also available at no charge for members of CAGP:

  • Why Create an Endowment? 62
  • Should Every Institution Have an Endowment? 62
  • Will an Institution with an Endowment Be
  • More Successful in Attracting Major Gifts? 63
  • How Does Planned Giving Relate
  • to Endowment Programmes? 63
  • Disbursement Requirements 64
  • Meeting the 3.5-percent Disbursement Requirement 66
  • Effect of Disbursement Requirements on
  • Existing 10-Year Gifts 67
  • Effect of New Disbursement Rules on the
  • Investment of Endowed Funds 67
  • Spending Policy 68
  • Named Endowments 69
  • Structure of the Endowment 71
  • Endowment Agreements 71
  • Fiduciary Duties of Trustees 73
  • Investment of Endowed Funds 74
  • Socially Responsible Investing 74
  • Recognition and Reports 75
  • Donor Advised Funds 76

Appendices: Endowed Fund Agreement; Endowment Policies;
Excerpts from Endowment Brochure

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