Sync Session: Develop Rubric (class)

In this synchronous activity we will work as a class to develop a critical analysis rubric to be used when assessing the effectiveness of online synchronous learning activities. You wil use this rubric in Unit 4 to critique a sample synchronous session prior to using it to assess your classmates' synchronous sessions to be delivered as part of Assignment 2.

Activity details:

  1. The whole class reviews criteria for Assignment 2 presentations and shares key points about rubric design.
  2. Each team is given one criterion to flesh out using synchronized break-out spaces.
  3. The break-out sessions sections are compiled by instructor and shared using a wiki or other collaborative space (i.e. google docs).
  4. The whole class reviews the compiled document in the collaborative space and adds comments.

Watch the Latest News bulletin for scheduling information for this session. It will be scheduled for week 2 for approximately 60 minutes.

add link to sync session once platform has been determined

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