Learning Outcomes

A Design Studio: Learning and Technology

This six-week online workshop will bring faculty’s expertise together to improve course quality within an authentic learning framework. This will ensure learning activity and assessment stay relevant to students’ needs, and technologies are used to maximize learning and student engagement. Workshop participants will work through a series of hands-on design tasks, following the 5 phase Design Thinking Process. The design tasks are supported by resources on the following topics for further exploration and experimentation.

  1. Effective online presence
  2. Collaborative assignment
  3. Social Media for learning
  4. Assessment strategies

At the end of the workshop, you will

  1. produce a video/audio to increase online presence
  2. identify and articulate a challenge in your teaching of online or blended courses
  3. use various digital tools to produce learning materials and to implement new approaches to meet the challenge
  4. create a Personal Learning Plan to continuously learn and improve skills related teaching online and blended courses.
  5. serve as mentor and mentee to build a faculty mentorship network.
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