About the Technology Tool/s

Any of the 3 tools we looked at can be effectively used by programs of instructors for self & peer assessment to evaluate team performance and to shine a light on how individuals contribute (or not) to team functioning.

CATME can be used in either an online or paper-based format. It offers more than 30 questions in five categories for instructors to select from for any given assessment:

  • Contributing to the team's work
  • Interacting with teammates
  • Keeping the team on track
  • Expecting quality
  • Having relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes

ITP Metrics provides several different kinds of assessments and tools for teams:

  • Team C.A.R.E - assesses the health of a team and provides suggestions for improving
  • Peer Feedback - allows team members to gain insight regarding their teamwork competencies and provides a report that offers guidance for improving
  • Conflict Management Profile - helps build awareness and generate discussion about personal styles of managing conflict
  • Personality - assesses personality characteristics and describes how an individual's personality traits may manifest in team situations

Moodle Workshop is a tool provided in Moodle. It has some flexibility in terms of whether it is used to allow peer assessment of an individual product or to facilitate self & peer assessment of an individual's team performance or contribution.

  • Experience of seeing and assessing peer's work helps refine understanding of assessment criteria
  • A rubric can be constructed that assists with objective assessment
  • Students can modify their submission in the light of peer feedback
  • Instructor has final approval on peer assessed marks and may take part in assesement as well

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