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Students posted their videos, text, links, and images to Padlet when they were in Shanghai and Seoul. They completed a team assignment utilizing their individual Padlet posts to create one team Padlet.  Students also created a final Padlet where they had an opportunity to reflect on their experience and share this with members of their cohort. Students liked the Padlet activities and found the tool easy to use. Before leaving for the trip, students had an opportunity to browse two pre-departure Padlets created by project assistants who reside in Shanghai and Seoul.     

Why Padlet?

Padlet allowed for the following:

  • Collaborative student work
  • Sharing of student work in a shared space
  • Real time and simultaneous sharing of work
  • Options for producing, collecting, and sharing  information (video, image, text, audio)

What were some of the things we had to consider?

  • Site storage (needed more file size limit than free Padlet allows)
  • Access in China and South Korea
  • Enrollment management

Why did we go with paid version and not free version?

  • Privacy
  • Site storage
  • Did not want anonymous contributors
  • Padlet permissions (who moderates, edits, views?)

What did we learn?

  • Setting up Padlet accounts and managing permissions requires some time commitments
  • Horizontal scroll bar appears if Padlet posts fall outside default page width

Padlet Samples

Padlet Animation Shanghai

Padlet Animation Seoul

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