How Others Can Benefit

Some Suggestions

1. Consider reading the White Paper: Technology Enhancements to Enable Team-Based Learning in the MBA Advanced Strategic Integrative Practice Course to learn more on this topic.

2. Consider whether or not Problem-Based Learning (PBL) may help students achieve some of the learning outcomes associated with your course or program. PBL is an approach that allows students to learn about a subject in the context of complex, multi-faceted and realistic problems.

3. Keep the nature of the course in mind – i.e. intensive, face-to-to face versus longer duration, online courses – when using technology as an enabler to team and problem-based learning.

4. Work with CTET to consider how PBL and technology to support it may be incorporated into your course.

5. Seek feedback from your students if you do use PBL and technology to enhance team and problem-based learning to continually refine their use.

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