How Others Can Benefit


Potential Actions and Benefits Include:

  1. Review your program to see whether and where it might benefit from [more] work with real clients.
  2. Browse the repository (to be created) of tools student use in their work with clients in online courses.  Might your students benefit from it or add to it?
  3. Schedule a conversation or learning event with our team members to see how you might incorporate student team work with clients in your courses.
  4. Share your thoughts about some of the questions we are pondering:

    • RRU has been a pioneer engaging graduate student teams with clients.  This type of design seems to be less common than it was at RRU 20 years ago?  Why might that be?
    • Based on feedback to date, there is usually superb student feedback on these courses, along side very negative reviews from some.  Why might that be?
    • In our inquiry team there is a perception that this is a standard learning approach in business schools and not considered especially innovative or transformational.  It is often referred to as live case method.  In contrast, this approach is considered more innovative and transformational in “FSAS-like” environments where it is often referred to as problem-based learning or leadership challenge work.  If these perceptions are grounded in reality, how do philosophies or designs or experiences in “typical” MBA and MA programs differ?
    • Have you designed a [currently offered] graduate course that seems to fit our criteria, but we’ve not been in contact with you yet?  We’d love to hear from you.
Last modified: Monday, 12 September 2016, 8:36 AM