Important Notes about this Resource

Note 1

To have a place to practice your Moodle editing skills as you work through the tasks in this resource, we recommend setting up a "sandbox" practice course on our Innovate server. You have two options as to how to get a sandbox:

  • Option 1: Consult the Sandbox or Community of Practice sites in Moodle article on the knowledgebase (Note: this will be a blank course shell)
  • Option 2: Call CTET STUDIO and ask them to copy over a sandbox for you from the Master Sandbox that is on the Innovate server. (Note: if the person you get on the phone doesn't know about this, please tell them that there is a hidden development notes page in THIS self-study resource which will give them a link to where that master sandbox is.) (Note: The master sandbox gives you some resources in the course to start with, so you are not working from a blank course shell.)

Once you get your sandbox, you may wish to work through through the resources in this course having two browser windows open: one for your sandbox course on Innovate, and one for this course on CS Online (remember that these are on two different Moodle servers so you will have to log in separately to each).

Note 2

Most of the tasks in this course include weblinks to the RRU Computer Services knowledgebase, where we have written articles about using Moodle for staff and faculty.

When you click on these course resources they will take you directly to the knowledgebase and the article will open in a new tab of your browser.

After you are done reading the article, just close your tab and return to this course.

PS Know that you can search the Computer Services knowledgebase at any time for Moodle-related questions if you know what you're looking for.

Last modified: Thursday, 31 May 2018, 9:23 AM