Change schedule dates

The course schedule give students a snapshot of all the important deliverables and activities over the duration of a course. Course schedules in RRU courses are normally placed on a Moodle page and have a table of information in it. Instructors usually update the dates in their own schedule, placing in due dates for assignments and aligning titles of things with how they are named in the rest of the course (e.g. names of units, assignments, forums, etc.) We really try to use the same look and feel for schedules across all the courses in a program so that students can get used to where to find information and have it look and "feel" the same way.

Slight caution: Moodle tables are somewhat hard to work with, so don't stress too much about the table work if it's giving you trouble. Generally, right-clicking on a Moodle table will open up a dialog box to give you the option to add and delete

For this activity you should:

  • visit the Schedule page in your sandbox and make some updates to the table.

If you would like more guidance before you begin:

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