About this section

You will always be given a Moodle course "shell" with some existing resources and activities within it when you start working on a course at RRU. Even for brand new courses, you likely will never see a blank shell (i.e. a Moodle course with nothing in it) because your instructional designer and your learning technologist have worked together to put the information from your course outline (Word doc) into the course shell, and then given you access to the course in Moodle.

So, learning how to edit existing items (resources or activities) in your Moodle course is important! Even here in this course we've given you a light "template" of a course to start from. (Tip: A "course template" is often what we at RRU call the look and feel that an entire program area chooses to use for all of the courses in their particular program. We use templates for many reasons, but particularly to give our RRU students a consistent course experience and to help them easily navigate their way around all of the courses in their program.)

Last modified: Friday, 4 November 2016, 10:55 AM