General Links to Knowledgebase Moodle-related articles

Computer Services at RRU can be reached on the web at The site has a knowledgebase full of articles that relate to IT-related issues that students, staff and faculty can experience at RRU, and also articles related to using Moodle. The articles related to Moodle (and other learning technologies) are generally written by CTET staff.

You've already seen that there are very specific links throughout this course to specific RRU Computer Services knowledgebase articles about Moodle resources and activities. The following are direct links to general articles related to Moodle resources and activities which may be helpful. However, generally you may wish to get into the habit of going straight to the Computer Services home page (above) and searching directly in the knowledgebase for what you're looking for from this forward.

Moodle Resources

Common Moodle Activities

Overall, these are links to the knowledgebase articles on the common Moodle activities that we see in a lot of our courses, and are addressed in this course:

Advanced Moodle Activities

The following advanced Moodle activities were beyond the scope of MSWO content but CTET can support you in using them if you wish to in your course.

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