What are the different Moodle sites at RRU?

hand-drawn depiction of the different moodle sites at RRU

This is an image of our imagined "Moodle-verse" at RRU! It's our fun way of showing you that we actually have various different Moodle "instances" on different servers for different purposes at Royal Roads University.

If you are a faculty member teaching a credit course or a staff person supporting students taking credit courses you will likely spend most of your time on the Moodle "credit" instance at moodle.royalroads.ca.

However, we do have other Moodle sites that you may wish to know about. These are:

  • The CS Online Moodle instance is for Continuing Studies and faculty development courses - csonline.royalroads.ca
  • The Innovate Now Moodle instance holds all "sandbox" (practice) and community of practice sites - innovate.royalroads.ca/now
  • The Innovate Next Moodle instance is one version ahead of Innovate Now and is a testing ground to help us prepare for upcoming Moodle upgrades - innovate.royalroads.ca/next
  • The OER Moodle instance holds Open Educational Resources - oer.royalroads.ca
  • The Archive Moodle instance holds old versions of courses (subject to the university's Course Archive process) and is accessible by CTET staff

It's helpful to know about the different Moodle instances we have at RRU so, for example, you don't end up thinking you've lost your mind when you created a Moodle profile on one instance and you can't find it when you're actually on another!

Last modified: Thursday, 22 June 2017, 9:35 AM