Week 9: Reflecting on Assessment Experiences


Intro to Week 9


Audio Transcript
During Week 9, you will engage in asynchronous small-group discussions about the key lessons learned after developing your authentic assessment projects during the previous two-weeks. You will be asked to consider the major insights that came out of the process of developing the assessment project and the advice you would provide to colleagues about designing an authentic assessment activity for the first time. Summaries of these discussions will be added to the community-wide repository. This activity is designed to facilitate the sharing of insights and to stimulate reflective thought about the lessons learned in designing and implementing meaningful and engaging forms of student assessment. As a follow-up activity, you are asked to consider your own personal “lessons learned” and to add these to your journal and ePortfolio.

Learning Outcomes for this week

1. Apply principles of effective authentic learning and assessment to curriculum planning.
2. Apply key concepts of a learner-centered approach to the design of learning and assessment activities in courses.
3. Communicates effectively in selected media and modes.
4. Use technology to develop and support effective authentic learning and assessment practices.
5. Develop, revise and enhance assessment criteria and rubrics.
6. Select and apply suitable and relevant authentic assessment methods, including peer and self-assessment.


Herrington, J., Reeves, T., and Oliver, R. (2009) – Ch. 8 - evaluation plans
Palloff and Pratt (2009) – Ch. 3 - course and program evaluations

Spotlight on Faculty

Watch this short interview with Marie Graf as she talks about using self-reflection to assess participation in a Leadership course.

Weeks 9 Activities

Activity 6: Discussion/reflection on Implications of Authentic Assessment - We'll start the week by reviewing the activity each of you produced for assignment 3. Watch the Latest News forum for scheduling information. The remainder of the week will be spent in discussion on what you have learned, how you might apply it and we'll wrap up the community-wide repository project.

eportfolioePortfolio: Continue to add artifacts to your site, some possibilities for week 9 include:

  • Suggestions for improving the activity you built for assignment 3
  • Screen pics from the community-wide repository

journalJournal - Two entries for week 9:

  • Write a summary of your discussions with your team, focusing on the lessons learned and key takeaways.
  • Read Herrington ch 8 about evaluation plans and Palloff & Pratt ch 3 on course and program evaluation. Start considering a course or program you could use for assignment 4 - Proposal for a Course Makeover.
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