Weeks 10 & 11: Capstone Project: Putting it All Together


Intro to Weeks 10 & 11


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Weeks 10 & 11 are dedicated to developing a proposal for a new course or remaking an existing course incorporating authentic activities and assessment strategies into it. The activity will enable you to apply what you have learned in the previous weeks about the design and assessment of authentic learning activities and how this potentially impacts on your practice. You will prepare a four-page proposal (no more than 1200 words) that includes the rationale, description of the learning activities, design matrix, description of the re-design strategy and a project plan. Please see Assignment 4 for further details.

Learning Outcomes for these weeks

1. Apply principles of effective authentic learning and assessment to curriculum planning.
2. Apply key concepts of a learner-centered approach to the design of learning and assessment activities in courses.
3. Communicates effectively in selected media and modes.
4. Use technology to develop and support effective authentic learning and assessment practices.
5. Develop, revise and enhance assessment criteria and rubrics.
6. Select and apply suitable and relevant authentic assessment methods, including peer and self-assessment.
7. Develop a plan of action for integrating authentic assessment into practice.


Herrington, J., Reeves, T., and Oliver, R. (2010) – Ch. 6 - designing and producing elearning
FacilitadorTube (n.d.) e-Learning Project Management – YouTube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WURExEwxU2M
Henry, J & Meadows, J. (2008). An absolutely riveting online course: Nine principles for excellence in web-based teaching. - 9 principles for excellence in web-based teaching

Watch this short video about the Course Redesign Institute at California State University Northridge. Would an institute like this be valuable to you?

Week 10 & 11 Activities

Assignment 4: Proposal for a Course Makeover - Last week you were asked to consider a course, either a new course or an existing one, to use for this assignment. Over the next 2 weeks you are going to develop a proposal for this course, incorporating authentic learning activities and methods of assessment. Revisit Herrington ch 6 on designing and producing authentic e-learning courses and read the Henry & Meadows article outlining principles you can use when designing an online course. You will find that Henry & Meadow's principles align with authentic learning. Although you are not going to be creating a course over these two weeks, please try to prepare a proposal for a real course -- one that you will want to produce in the near future. You are encouraged to engage a critical friend in reviewing your proposal as it is drafted.

eportfolioePortfolio: Continue to add artifacts to your site, some possibilities for weeks 10 & 11 include:

  • Selecting artifacts from the planning and drafting process
  • If remaking a course, include a description/outline or link to the original

journalJournal - two entries for week 9:

  • Add the reflections on the peer feedback you received on your draft: What was most insightful about the peer feedback? What feedback was the most challenging for you to consider in revising your draft?
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