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Unit 1: Context and Background (Week 1) Page Unit 1 Introduction
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Unit 1 Readings & Resources

Page Sync Session: Introductions

Sync Session: Two Truths and a Lie (Introduction)

Unit 2: Synchronous Learning Technologies (Weeks 2-3) Page Unit 2 Introduction
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Unit 2 Readings & Resources

Page Sync Session: Develop Rubric (class)

Sync Session: Develop Rubric (class)

Page A list of online collaboration tools
Unit 3: Planning for the Use of Synchronous Technologies (Weeks 4-5) Page Unit 3 Introduction
URL Unit 3 Readings & Resources

Unit 3 Readings & Resources

Page A list of online collaboration tools
Page Brainstorm for Assignment 2
Unit 4: Facilitating Synchronous Learning (Weeks 6-9) Page Unit 4 Introduction
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Unit 4 Readings & Resources

Page Planning your Synchronous Session (team)
Unit 5: Special Topics and Closing Activities (Week 10) Page Unit 5 Introduction
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Unit 5 Readings & Resources

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