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What is the tool?

Piktochart is a free online infographic maker which offers professionally-designed templates that are customizable for different purposes. This one-minute video gives a demo:

How was it used at RRU?

In the WINV 685 Innovation Tools and Processes graduate certificate course, we ask students to create something to communicate their understanding of the innovation process to a target audience at their workplace. The purpose of the assignment is to assess the students’ knowledge of the innovation process that they’ve learned about in the course to date and also give them something concrete to use in their workplaces to “prime the pump” there about real innovation projects that they will lead in their workplace later on in the course.

Students don’t have to create infographics for this assignment - we allow them the opportunity to be creative in other ways, e.g. creating videos, animations, sketches, etc. - but they often do create infographics and are quite creative with them. Student Carla Crozier has allowed us to share her infographic assignment with you here.

What was the result?
Students really seem to like doing this activity and since we ask them to post prototypes of their draft work during their creation process - to which we all give feedback, helping to enhance them - often the final products we receive from them are quite on target with both their innovation process content and the creativity of their design.

The learning outcomes related to this assignment are to:

  • make effective presentations and communicate using appropriate media and techniques

  • approach innovation in a systemic way, with awareness of the stages required to foster innovation, and

  • demonstrate creative confidence and competence

We use a rubric which details criteria for these outcomes and makes grading fairly straightforward and transparent for the students.

Try it out!

Now it's your turn. Try using Piktochart!

  1. Navigate to https://piktochart.com/

  2. Click on the green “Start for free” button in the middle of the page and create a free account (you’ll have to click on a confirmation email)

  3. Once you’re logged into Piktochart, click on Create New in the middle of the screen and then pick “infographic” as your style

  4. Pick a template to modify or start from scratch

  5. Get creating!

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