Add a URL

There may be times when you want to link out to a URL that it outside the course, and have that URL show up as an item on the main course page. What is a URL? It is used to note an address in the internet, e.g.

You might add a URL to your course for a very important external website that a student might have to refer to all throughout a course, or perhaps you might link back to an orientation course for your program. You could also use a URL insertion to add a video from somewhere like YouTube. These are just three possible uses for adding a URL - you will likely think of others.

(Tip: You can also add a URL as a link from regular text in another resource, such as a page or a book. In this case we are referring to the URL that you can add when using the "+Add an activity or resource" function, so that the URL shows up as another item on the main page of your course.)

For this activity you should:

  1. Add a URL somewhere in your sandbox. Your URL can go to any outside resource, such as a website, a web-based document, or a web-based video

If you would like more guidance before you begin:

  • Consult the article Moodle URL from the Knowledgebase.
Last modified: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 1:44 PM